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Absinthe: (Grain)


Absinthe is an often high proof distilled spirit, typically based with a grain or grape spirit, which is flavored with herbs. The primary herb of interest is grande wormwood, a bitter herb. Grande wormwood is rumored to cause hallucinations and until very recently spirits containing it were outlawed in the United States.


The aromas of absinthe are very herbal and most are dominated by anise seed, or what most people in the U.S. commonly think of as black licorice. Alcohol levels can be very high and often there is a huge alcohol aroma. For this reason, absinthe is often served diluted with added water.


Absinthe usually has a yellow or green color, the hues of which can range from pale, dull and earthy to almost neon in some of the more artificially colored examples.


The flavor of absinthe can vary a large degree stylistically in sweetness and herbal profile, but anise and wormwood should always be present as flavor characteristics.


Alcohol levels are often very high. Some commercial examples are released at standard 40% ABV (80 proof), but the vast majority are higher, sometimes reaching over 60% alcohol by volume

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Corsair Red Absinthe Superieure
Corsair Red Absinthe Superieure