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Aguardiente is loosely defined as a spirits category. The name is derived from base words which essentially translate to mean "burning water" or "fire water." Spirits in this category can have varying base distillates, most typically sugar cane or grapes. Sometimes the addition of flavoring herbs, particulary anise seed occurs as well. By legal definiton in the U.S. many aguardientes could be classified as other spirits (vodka, rum, brandy, etc.)


Typical aguardiente has a dominant sugar cane aromas. Cane versions can be very agricultural smelling or almost phenolic and smoky. Grape version leans towards a brandy aroma profile.


Typically clear. Though wood-aged examples surely exist, I have rarely seen them in the U.S.


Aguardiente can vary greatly in flavor profile depending on the base ditillate of the spirit.


Typically, commercial examples in the U.S. are sold at or close to 40% alcohol by volume.

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Kannia Cristal Clasico
Kannia Cristal Clasico