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Reigning from the middle east, arak is another spirit which is primarily flavored using anise seed. In most cases, the base spirit is an alembic or column distilled grape brandy. A primary distillation is then flavored with anise seed and re-distilled. Arak is typically served with added water and due to the insolubility of anise seed oils in water the liquor becomes cloudy white. The spirits Ouzo and Raki are similar to arak. Arak from Sri Lanka is an entirely distinct product made from fermented and distilled palm wine.


Strong anise aromas. The very high proof versions can have a menthol-like almost numbing character as well.


Typically clear when bottled. When serving, added water causes the anise seed oils to break out of solution, resulting in a milky or hazy white beverage.


Due to variances in strength and style, the flavor of arak can vary greatly in levels of sweetness. The predominant flavor is always anise seed.


Arak is often bottled at a strength of 40% alcohol by volume, but some examples are much stronger, even into the range of 60% abv.

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Arak el Rif Green Label 100% Old Lebanese Rare Arak

Arak El Rami

Arak Touma King of Arak
Arak Touma King of Arak

Arak El Rif Red Label
Arak El Rif Red Label