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Cachaša: (Oak Aged Cacha├ža)


Cachaša is a category of spirit that is often victim of being lumped into the Rum category. While it is a product typically made from the distillation of sugar cane, cachaša is often very distinctive, and is well deserving of a spirits category all its own. There are also versions of cachaša made with corn or maize. The spirit hails from South America with the primary country of origin being Brazil. Cachaša is the base spirit of a cocktail called the "Caipirinha," a mixture of muddled lime, sugar, of course cachaša.


Very distinctive sugar cane aromas that can be light and sweet and range into the territory of smoky, earthy, and phenolic. Wood aged versions can retain some character of the wood used. Often these woods are exotic and rarely used for other spirits.


Cachaša is either released without aging and completely clear, or aged in wood barrels of varying types, many being indigenous woods of brazil, resulting in a variety of colors ranging from mellow yellow hues to browns with different tints.


Cachaša can range from very earthy, smoky, and dry flavors, to very fresh and agricultural smelling flavor reminiscent of agricole rums. The level of sweetness can vary widely as well.


Cachašas typically range from just under 40% alcohol by volume upwards to as strong as a person making it at home can get it. Sometimes 80% alcohol by volume for commercial releases and even higher for home made versions.

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