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Shochu: (Flavored - Lemon)


Shochu is a distilled spirit of Japanese origin that is typically made from a base of barley, sweet potato, rice, and sugar. (Sugar is less common) The name is derived from from Chinese characters which mean "burned liquor." It is typically bottled between 20% and 45% alcohol by volume, usually leaning towards the lower end of the strength range.


Shochu can range in aroma depending on the distillate. Barley versions have a nose that is reminiscent of whisky. Sweet potato and rice shocohu aromas range from very strong, smoky, earthy, nutty, and even petrol-like to slightly sweet and delicate.


Most shochu is bottled clear, though it can be aged it earthenware, stainless steel tanks, or (primarily used) wooden casks. Wooden casks could impart color but I have not sampled examples of this as of yet.


Shochu made from barley has a flavor reminiscent of a barley whisky, with a cereal-like malt profile.
Sweet potato shochu has quite a distinctive flavor and aroma. It is often petrol-like and earthy with a little smoke and for many it is an acquired taste.
Rice shochu can have many flavor characteristics depending on yeast strain and rice type but they can range from light and almost fruity or floral, to earthy and herbal.


Most examples are bottled in the range of 25% alcohol by volume but some can be as high as 45%

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