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Me Oko Vodka with Natural Ginger Flavor

Review Date: September 14, 2009
Category Info: Vodka :: Flavored - Ginger
Distilled From: Grain - Non-Specific
Retail Price: $$$ ($30-$40)
Bottle Size: 750 ml Bottle
Brewer / Distiller: Pisces Beverage Corp.
Strength: 30%
Origin: United States - Garnerville, New York

Tasting Notes:

Very nearly clear.
The nose smells just like caramelized ginger candy.
The flavor is very sweet and the dominant character is sugar. Ginger is there but is more subtly integrated than I would expect it to be. It is clean and refreshing and not too spicy. In my opinion this is a bit too sweet to be classified as vodka. I think it would be more appropriately categorized as a liqueur.
Overall the flavor is clean, sweet, and very natural tasting. The ginger flavor is good but subdued. It is worth a try.