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Anis Fine La Lupe

Review Date: February 22, 2010
Category Info: Liqueur :: Anise Flavored
Distilled From: Unspecified or Neutral Spirits
Retail Price: $ (under $20)
Bottle Size: 750 ml Bottle
Brewer / Distiller: Licores Veracruz
Strength: 38%
Origin: Mexico - Cordoba, Veracruz

Tasting Notes:

Lot No. MII-509108 Softly sweet nose of sugar and anise. Very sweet and viscous on the palate. The anise is less mouth-numbing or pungent than many Sambucas and anise liqueurs. Very pleasant on the palate with a nice anise flavor that balances well with sweetness. A great more-mellow alternative to Sambuca or Absinthe.