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Alquimia Añejo

Review Date: February 22, 2010
Category Info: Tequila :: Aņejo - 100% de Agave
Distilled From: Agave
Retail Price: $$$$$ ($50-$100)
Bottle Size: 750 ml Bottle
Brewer / Distiller: Grupo Tequilero Mexico NOM 1468
Age: 2-3 years
Casking: French Oak
Strength: 40%
Origin: Mexico - Arandas, Jalisco

Tasting Notes:

Pale golden color. Beautiful, sweet nose of vanilla, almonds, and cinnamon oak along with fruity agave and soft pepper. Rich oak on the palate with a big cinnamon note. Fairly dry on the palate but there are notes of vanilla and almond on the palate. The oak is full flavored but it balances well with agave. Nice tequila but priced accordingly.